Zambia University

Concept design prepared for Univiersity complex in Zambia. The construction includes academic buildings, dormitories, private houses for the academic staff and building of worship.

Rajiceva Shopping Center Interior Design

Rajiceva Shopping Center Interior Design

Rajiceva Shopping Center

This project was done in co operation with Milan and Vladimir Lojanica.

Belgrad Zemun Park

The project is located in the north entrance of belgrad, in a progressive industrial area, next to the main road.

Palic Tourism Complex

Located in north Serbia, next to the Hungarian border, Palic is a lovely traditional bath-village mostly designed in the XIX. Century, by a large and a smaller lake.

Multifunction Lifestyle Center

The project contains the following functions: Residential: 85 300 m2, Commercial: 50 000 m2, Offices: 15 800 m2, Parking: 99 800 m2.

Tetovo Retail Park

The project is located at the main entrance to Tetovo, a city of 86 500 inhabitants.

Novi Sad Shopping Mall / Chebokssary Mall


Rijeka Plaza / Thessaloniki Plaza

Fast Construction Residental Complex for Turkey

Following the earthquake in Turkey new fastly built buildings were needed for new neighborhoods.