Refurbishment of an exisiting shopping center. Total renewal of both interior and exterior project.

Ministry of Justice - New Wing

Adding a new wing to the Ministry of Justice in Jerusalem, and refurbishment the minister, main lawyers offices with new interior design at the existing building.

Management Collage Rishon Lezion

Design of 4 light construction buildings.

Manaya Sohat

Modern building of 7 levels in Tel Aviv near Tel Aviv University. 22 luxury flats and one shop.

Zikhron Ya´akov Yes Planet Cinema

Bat Yam Shopping Center

Renewal and efurbishment of existing shopping center inculding both interior and exterior reorganization.

Sports Hall - Pais" Community Center

Urban Design

Examples of projects planned within this framework >>>

Arad City Center Plan + Academic Facilities

Shilath - Shopping and Entertainment Center

Shopping Center, located on the junction of Shilath and Modiin, at the village industrial zone.

Givat Brenner - Commercial Center and Assisted Housing - Urban Renewal Plan

Tirat Yehuda Industrial Park and Offices - Urban Renewal Plan

Amal Tora - Elementary School

Isramarin - Kindergarten and Synagogue

Mercaz Haredi - Orthodox Jewish Religious Study Center

Hashmonaim - Kindergarten

Kindergarten and Nursery

Michlala - Management College

Interior design of the management and academic staff offices.

Zikhron Ya´akov Yes Planet

Urban renewal Demolition & Re-Build

Examples of projects planned within this framework >>>

Sela Neighborhood - Urban Renewal Plan

Ashdod - Urban Renewal Plan

Shefa On - Residential , Assisted Housing and Commercial complex

Ya'akov Avinu - Urban Renewal Plan

Hadar- Urban Renewal Plan

Shekem - Urban Renewal Plan

Klein Complex - Cultural Center

Barkan - Urban Renewal Plan

Bareket - Urban Renewal Plan

Dgania - Urban renewal plan

Urban Renewal - Enlarging existing buildings

Examples of projects planned within this framework >>>

Ramat Yosef - Urban Renewal Plan