The Óbuda Shipyard Entertainment Village

Investor: Dream Island 2004

County: Hungary

Location: Budapest

Planning date/status: Building Permit

Plot size: 42.875 m²

Built area: 41.000 m²

Parking area: 920

Designer: Yael Argaman, Krisztián Karsai, Andor Pataki, László Bükki

The Entertainment Village project will be built mostly in the existing buildings on the Small Island, including some coverings of areas between them needed in order to operate them as one unit.

Most of these buildings have been declared as Monuments for Preservation by the Office of the Protection of the Cultural Heritage. This project will be operated in the style of the Soho in London and will include many pubs, coffee-houses, restaurants , bistros ,discotheques, night clubs, jazz clubs , high fashion shops and boutiques of the leading fashion houses in the world. The total area of the Entertainment Village will be cc. 35,000 sqm.. It is expected to become the main meeting point of the local people, who already consider the island a very popular entertainment venue in Budapest with the many tourists who are expected to be attracted to a new major European destination at Dream Island.


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