Over 20,000 Residential units

Over 20,000 designed apartments, covering nearly 900,000 m² built area, ~9,000 apartments of which were successfully completed in various residential projects. Casiopea developed residential concept enables low purchase price per flat and affordable housing to the middle-class costumer: compact and efficiently designed apartments, maximum room number for the built-up area, and effective parking area organization. The characterization of our projects is based on the modern interpretation of design style using elegant building materials varied with simple plastering.
The architect should apply three main aspects with equal balance: esthetical aspect, functionality and cost efficiency in order to achieve the perfect project.



1,250,000 m² Built Retail projects

Design of more than 60 shopping centers and retail schemes, of which 25 shopping malls were constructed, with over 1,250,000 m² of built areas.
Having gained a wide scope experience, working with both – Retail Developers and designing for Retailers, Casiopea has the ability to observe the wide picture of project and its commercial demands, create the right concept and
Find the most sustainable solutions, maximizing the GLA, provide efficiency, functionality for easy maintenance and long-lasting successful project.



100 halls of Entertainment and Mixed use projects

Entertainment facilities and multiplex cinemas, including IMAX.
Mixed use projects of: Government offices, schools, sports halls, City Halls and more. Academic institutes for Cyber technology, University Campuses, Technology Incubator, dormitories. Laboratories, Medical Faculties and research institutes
Casiopea team creates outstanding unique interior design for each project, involving video art, special lighting effects and illusions established by diverse printed surfaces and 3 dimensional volumes.
Each project should correspond with the economic context: must be realistic and flexible to accommodate to changing demands of the market.