Karolina Udvar

Investor: Karolina Udvar Kft.

County: הונגריה

Location: Budapest XI-distr.Ibrahim Street 30-38

Planning date/status: 2005-2006

Construction date: 2005-2006

Built area: 13.000 m²

Apartments: 146

Designer: Responsable Architect: Lázár Gyula, Architect: Portik Adorjan

The residential building is situated in a nice frequented area of XI. District with a view to Sas hill exactly next to Albatros House.

The two buildings are standing next to each other as brothers. The façade organization is harmonizing with that of Albatros House. There are 2 and 3 room apartments with balconies organized in the building, and it has a green inner garden with playground for children.


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